Answers to many of your questions about renting can be found below. If you do not find the question or answer please reach out.

Our pick-up and drop-off locations are in Draper, Utah. Draper is about 20 mins south of SLC International airport and is right off the main interstate headed south towards the most popular overlanding destinations. Most customers take an uber or lyft from the airport to our pick-up/drop-off location.
No you are not. There is a set amount miles/per day included with the rental but you have the option of exceeding those miles for a small per mile fee.
This is not currently an option. If it is important to you contact us and for the right price we might possibly entertain the idea.
A security deposit of $2,500 is required for rental. This is refunded after the trip is completed and an inspection has been performed on the equipment.
With just two campers you can utilize the back seat for luggage leaving the back of the jeep for all the camping gear. Although the Jeep has 5 seatbelts we recommend leaving room in the back seat for soft luggage.
Yes. There are reduced rates for week or month long rentals.
It's a Jeep. It is made to be driven off the highway. Dirt roads will take you to many of the best campsites. Extreme off-roading is not permitted. The UT Overland setup is for overland camping and not hardcore jeeping.
Anyone can make the reservation but to be approved as a driver you need to upload a photo of your license. Our insurance options allow for international drivers and we think it is a great way to see our unique part of the US.
With any new activity there is a learning curve. Although we recommend prior experience to ensure your trip runs smoothly rooftop tent camping is in many ways easier than other types of camping.
Moab and many southern Utah locations offer excellent camping in winter months.
The top of the Roofnest is impermeable to water and so any straight downpour will not affect the Roofnest. The tent walls are very waterproof and will withstand rain and wind quite well. Overall the Roofnest is nearly as weatherproof as your car. Many customers have reported sleeping comfortably through major wind storms, massive rainfall, and even dust storms.
No problem simply return the jeep to pre-determined location and complete the check-in process.
Unfortunately removal of the hard top roof of the Jeep is not permitted. The roof rack is secured to the roll cage through the top of the Jeep and makes removal impossible with the roof rack and tent.
  All Roofnests tents include a sturdy and lightweight 8.5′ telescoping ladder for access. The ladder collapses and comes with its own heavy duty storage bag. The ladder can be attached to the edge of the Roofnest for additional safety if desired.
After booking your reservation you’ll have email and phone number you can text. If you are nervous you can also purchase road-side assistance during checkout.
The RoofNest tent will support up to 650 lbs of evenly dispersed weight. Please make sure the combined weight of all tent dwellers does not exceed the weight limit.
We love your furry friends and understand they can be great adventure companions. However, due to allergies of many of our customers we are unable to allow pets in the Jeep or tent.
Quality - Without boasting we have not found as nice of Jeep with camper to rent anywhere in Utah. From the vehicle to the tent to the camping supplies quality has been our aim. Unique - Overland camping with a roof top tent is the next big thing in camping and will provide a more unique experience than other rental RVs.
Of course. The tent will be more than spacious enough and can be setup by a single individual. We have solo campers renting regularly. Not to mention if you are looking for a suitable mate being seen with this Jeep will only help.
Roof Top Tents have several advantages over camper trailers or RVs.
  • It's on a Jeep - The Rubicon is Jeep's top of the line in the Wrangler series. The 35 inch tires undoubtedly will allow you to camp in places a camper van will never reach.
  • Easier to drive than towing a trailer -
  • Your tent is always with you - No longer do you have to make it back to a campsite to sleep. Sleep wherever you decide to park.
  • No RV hookups - This means cheaper, easier to reserve campsites
  • No trailer - Have you ever tried backing a trailer into a campground? We don't recommend it. Smaller sites that have traditional parking are all that you need with a roof top tent.
Rooftop tents offer several advantages over traditional camping with a ground tent.
  • Ease - You can set it up anywhere you can park. No more looking for a flat tent spot with no rocks. – Imagine you leave your home late on a Friday after work and head to your favorite camping area. You don’t quite make it before becoming too tired to drive – with a Roofnest you can pull over just about anywhere and pop the tent up in a minute or so and be curled up inside your comfy tent in a few minutes.
  • Up off the ground - away from critters, dirt and everything else you don't like on the ground. Better breeze on warmer days and better views.
  • Speed - The RoofNest tent sets up in under a minute, simply pull up and pop up camp. No more broken tent poles and difficult user manuals.
  • Storage - With a hard-sided tent like the RoofNest you can store your bedding in the tent leaving more room for gear in the car. Plus – having all your sleep gear up on your roof keeps your car better organized so you can spend more time having fun!
  • The mattress is built in and you can store your sleeping gear (pillows, comforter, etc) right in the tent when it is closed so it’s always with you and always read to go.
  • Comfort - with a comfortable 3 inch foam mattress and plenty of room you can be sure to sleep better on top of a jeep than on the ground.
  • Hard Top - The hardtop of the RoofNest is more waterproof than a traditional tent and rain fly. Keep the elements outside where they belong. The roof is impermeable to rain and the canvas tent walls are 3 times as waterproof as a typical backpacking tent.
  • No need to find smooth or dry ground – just park your car and your tent is ready to go.
Yes! during checkout you can request in the optional ad-ons car seats or boosters. The RoofNest Eagle tent will comfortably fit two adults and one child. An additional ground tent is also available if you are bringing more than will fit in the roof top tent. The 4 door Jeep Rubicon has a total of 5 seatbelts. With luggage and camping equipment you might find this is a tight fit.
Online checkout requires a credit card. However, alternate forms of payment are available over the phone or in person.
We know Utah has some world class biking. Whether you are visiting Moab or the Tour de Utah we want to help you have the best adventure. A Bike Rack is an optional add-on during checkout.
Yes we will walk you through setup of the tent. Training can be completed in about 15 mins. If we are not available during pickup we have training videos on our YouTube channel.
Full Refund within 48 hours of booking, 75% refund up to 7 days before pickup, then 50% refund for remaining days.
Internal dimensions open: Internal L 81.5" X W 53" Height 57" including mattress
Insurance options including physical damage and liability are available during checkout.