Choosing A Roof Top Tent For Overland Camping

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I was looking for a tent for a 4 door Jeep Wrangler. If I had a 2 door I would not have been able to choose one that took up so much surface are on my roof. The hard sided tents like a RoofNest or iKamper do not fold out and are almost the length of a 4 door wrangler’s roof.

How many people are you taking camping?

There are several brands of tents that fit 4 or more people. By the time you put cooler, stove and other camping gear in the back of a Jeep there is not a lot of room for people and their personal gear. The largest model of RoofNest is the Eagle. This one comfortably sleeps  2 adults and one child. 

How long will your trips be?

The longer your trip the more likely you are to need additional gear like a shower, shower skirt etc.

What Style?

Do you want hard sided or soft? Do you want it to open like a wedge or pop from both sides? Do you want it to fold?

4 thoughts on “Choosing A Roof Top Tent For Overland Camping

  1. I want to go camping, but I want to make sure that I have a good tent. It makes sense that a rooftop tent would be perfect for me! I’m probably going to be going alone, so any tent size should do for me. It would be smart to ensure that it fits on my kind of car, though.

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