Choosing The Best Roof Rack for a 2018 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK Rubicon

Finding the right roof rack was hard. Jeep Wranglers come ready to do almost everything except for install a roof top tent like the RoofNest I picked. I will walk you through my decision process.

The cheaper cage style racks

First I looked into the cheaper cage style racks. There are several out there. Most bolt onto the Jeep in the front and the bumper brackets. I found some downsides to most of these that turned me off of them.

Racks that clip on rain gutter of roof

I remain skeptical of of racks that rely on the rain gutter above the windows. I did find one company that I almost went with because their racks had additional supports to disperse weight across the roof. SMS Parts.

GOBI Roof Rack

I finally decided to go with the more expensive Gobi cage style rack. It seemed like it met all of my requirements and was worth the extra money.

After looking at all these racks I updated my requirements.

  • Drilling – I still was looking for one that did not require drilling but was willing to drill the roof to get the right rack. If I found one that didn’t require drilling it would be easier to remove rack for top removal or to sell the vehicle.
  • I decided if and when I sell the Jeep that I will sell it with the rack installed. There are enough buyers that also want racks I decided resale options of a drilled roof were not a deal breaker.
  • Since I am renting out my Jeep I am not concerned with being able to remove the top. My RoofNest roof top tent also takes up almost my entire roof so I would basically still have a “roof” overhead with the top off.
  • Minimum 600lbs weight rating
  • High quality metal that would not rust
  • Wanted to be able to add lights in future (Needed a crossbar in front of tent)

Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II - The Winner

I decided to go with the Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II and have been extrememly happy with the quality, customer service, look and function of this rack.

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